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Grow resilient
and follow
your own sun

​Your wounds can become lush soil

for blossoming self-awareness

Meet Lisa

Psychologist - Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Mental wellness consultant

I'm the kind of person who will tell you if there's spinach in your teeth, not because I'm criticizing you, but because I'm on your side.

I want to see you with your eyes closed, breathing in the clean air, a smile on your face and your head tilted towards the sun. I want to stand beside you, soaking in your beautiful energy, happy to see you feeling great and knowing who you really are.


I want Deep Seed Care to grow into a garden of experts in different fields, from functional medicine to nutrition, from counselling to mindfulness. This is a call to my people out there in the world.

Come find me and plant your deep seed.

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How to care for a deep seed

deep healing


Growing strong roots to feed self-acceptance

find energy



Weeding through disorder to make space for health

core support


Daily watering

to grow


love well


Bloom self-confidence to improve relationships

maybe mama


Carrying a little seed. Or not.

Or not anymore.

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