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Lisa Agosti

Mental Wellness Consultant

CBT-focused clinical psychology approach

Deep Seed Care brings together my 3 big passions:

1) Psychology has been my first love, since my early teens.

I have a 5 year degree in Clinical Psychology with a Cognitive Behavioral focus and an Advanced Diploma in Dual Diagnosis (AKA Concurrent Disorders). My diversified work experience comes from trying to assimilate in different cultures, which should cue you in to my second passion.

2) Traveling. My backpack and I visited over 30 countries staying 3 days here, 3 years there. I left a piece of my heart in Italy where I was born and raised, in England where I met the best work colleagues, in Brazil where I was welcomed like family, in Australia where I learned to have FUN, in Honduras where I met my partner and in Canada where I'm raising my daughter.

3) Learning. You'll never find me without a book close by. Reading and writing make my heart sing and focusing on the words on the page lowers my cortisol levels, calming my nervous system and keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

Learning is my core value, together with freedom and empathy. Do you know your core values?

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Holding Plant

If you see only darkness

and taste only dirt,

keep struggling.

It's in the silent womb

of Mother Earth

that life begins.

- -

"Lisa has been an incredible support for me over the past two years. 

When we began working together, I was having an emotional struggle.

I was lost with my relationship, my job and finding my place in the world. 


Lisa’s kind, gentle, and directive support has been a real life line.

She helped me access my own truth. She was never pushy or overbearing with her approach.

I always felt an immense amount of support and guidance. 


Lisa is a Counsellor who does not project any judgement. I felt like I could be very open and honest, which was key is resolving my inner turmoil.  Her professionalism and confidentiality gave me a lot of faith in her.

Lisa was also really good and holding me accountable- especially when it came to my relationship to my partner,  my family, and most importantly, myself. She gave me really good advice and readings about setting healthy boundaries, reframing, and self love. As a female, I felt nurtured, loved and seen. 


Lisa helped me through an incredibly difficult period of my life. I’m forever grateful I had such a wonderful counsellor in my ball court." 

Sarah D. - British Columbia, Canada

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