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Is there something you would like to learn about yourself?
Would you like to change some aspects of your life?
This is a sample of what we can grow in your deep seed garden

 Deep healing starts in silent darkness. It can be scary to be there alone. Let's join forces on this journey of discovery, grow some strong roots to feed your real being and allow you to become who you are meant to be.

"Don't ask me to let go of my past. I can't. And i don't want to. I love my past, it's part of me. It's messed up but it makes me who I am.  Instead of shutting it out I just want to find a way to take it with me, without it weighing me down so much."

Sample contents:
- Reconnecting with your inner child will heal inner traumas and allow you to look back without hurting so much, so you can trust your intuition again and grow in the right direction.
- Avoid that ugly multi-generational ditch, be your own beautiful weird self, for yourself and for your offspring.
- Research shows that loss and grief go through 5 stages. Or even better, 7 stages. When you are actually hurting you don't give a fuck about the stages. All we can offer is empathy and a listening ear.
-Soothing mirrors 2: this is the second stage of Lisa's secret intervention to reach - oh well, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you, would it!

- Self-acceptance
- Self-fulfillment
- Intuition, trusting your gut
- Feeling the feelings
- Attachment

deep healing
deep healing
find energy

The whole life of a seed is emerging from the dirt and soaking in the sun. We need energy to regulate our emotions, thoughts and actions. Let's track down together the energy leaks that are preventing you from living life as you want to.

"Don't ask me to focus on today. I want to live for the moment, who wouldn't, but I have people depending on me, and deadlines, and I have my own dreams to fulfill and so little time for them. So I can't just sit there and breathe in and out. I just want to get through the day without feeling wrong all the time."

Sample contents:
- Shame, guilt, stress and worries are useless weeds, taking up the space where the flowers of healthy thoughts and hopeful feelings can grow. Let's get them under control.
- Live with(out) anxiety and depression by learning simple tricks to keep an eye on your nervous system while you get on with your busy life.
- Sleep, eat, poop. Back to basics. And we'll never, ever ask you to skip a meal.
- Self-medicating with substances can be effective if we know our bodies and our minds.
- Soothing mirrors 1. The first stage of Lisa's secret intervention.

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Cognitive dissonance
- Distress
- Phobias

find energy

To maintain mental health we need to take care of our minds just like physical health requires regular exercise. Daily watering will strengthen your inner core and make you resilient in the face of stress and adversity.

"Plan for the future? Where do I see myself in 10 years? If I start thinking what a cluster fuck this world is I get so anxious I can't even choose what to eat for dinner! I just want someone to hold my hand while I figure out how to get through today."

Sample contents:
- One little achievement a day in the 6 energy sectors will nurture your mental wellness.
- Knowing your core values will be a compass in the storm.
- Exploring the biased expectations and negative self-evaluations at the bottom of the core belief about yourself will allow us to improve your self-esteem.
- Soothing mirrors 3. The last stage of Lisa's secret intervention.

- self-awareness
- self-confidence
- assertiveness
- resilience
- mindfulness

Rock Balancing
core support
love well

We must work hard every day to be able to maintain sustainable relationships with our family, significant other, friends and colleagues. Learn to love yourself first and blossom into a colourful, self-sufficient flower. And notice how bees will approach you without stinging you anymore.

"I know my husband is not perfect but don't tell me I would be better off without him because I need to make this work, for the sake of my kids. Just let me vent in a safe space about how hard it is to be the responsible one."

Sample contents:
- Learn about the Peter Pan syndrome, the Wendy dilemma and how to become a Tinkerbell.
- Role-play your relationships to unearth old and ongoing issues preventing you from moving forward and fulfilling your goals.
- Transition and change is part of life but uprooting can be traumatic and unsettling, Transplanting a deep seed to a new career, relationship, living situation or even a new country can become an opportunity for growing resilience and finding new nutrition.

- Boundaries
- Visualizations
- Feelings
- Domestic bullying
- Red flags

love well

Carrying a little seed is a major life decision and talking about it is always a good idea.
Every story is different but sharing your worries with someone who has gone through the same experience can help you feel less lonely.

"I don't know if I'm ready for this unplanned pregnancy. What am I going to do?"
"I am terrified of losing this baby and I'm terrified I will not be a good mom, is it normal?"
"I had some spotting and the ultrasound's results were inconclusive. What is going to happen? I'm freaking out."

Sample contents:
- Taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of your baby. Let someone take care of you. Learn about the differences between a doula and a midwife.
- Visualizations are a great way to prepare for your new life.
- Organization is your friend when going towards the unknown. Let's set your goals and prepare your birth plan together.
- Is this an unplanned pregnancy? Make your decision in a safe, non-judgmental, private, welcoming space.
FYI, we are pro-choice but respectful. Pro-life referral available.
- FREE SUPPORT for mamas going through a miscarriage or an abortion thanks to our "time jar" donations. More details COMING SOON.

- self-care
- self-compassion
- swagger
- pro-choice
- rituals

maybe mama
Free support for mamas
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