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Fees and practice

The programs are flexible and you will create a personalised plan
together with your consultant, according to your needs and goals.

The consultation includes 3 steps:


1) Seeding - FREE OF CHARGE


- When you email us, your consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.

- We will keep in touch consistently through email, text, Messenger or Whatsapp. You can either write or leave a voice message. Your consultant will get back to you in writing, voice message or video recording.

- If you would prefer video chatting on Skype or Zoom, we are currently booking for June 2024. Book now to avoid further delays. No deposit required, free cancellation any time.

- You and your consultant will prepare a contract where you state your needs and your goals. Then you will both sign it, together with a confidentiality agreement.


2) Sprouting - 80CAD/60USD/55€ per session


- Each program takes usually 6 to 12 weeks of consistent emailing or texting back and forth, depending on how busy you are.

- You will be asked to complete exercises and will discuss the results with your consultant.

- Ideally, you will be able to complete one session per week. If you need more time, there will be no extra charge but you may have to wait longer for your consultant to get back to you if you overlap with other clients.


3) Blossoming - FREE OF CHARGE

- You will review the contract and your consultant will provide feedback on your progress and suggest further steps for your wellbeing. This may include getting in touch once a month or every 6 months, drafting a new contract together or referring you to services in your area for continued assistance.

work with us

Work with us

Deep Seed Care is hiring!

If you are professionally trained in a health related field and you feel you are a kindred spirit, please get in touch.

The only must is that everyone feels welcome. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind.


Next starting date: July 2024, hours according to your availability and your time zone.


As of March 2024, we are actively seeking experts in the field of functional medicine, yoga, RMT, mindfulness, nutrition, counselling, dialectical behaviour therapy, ACT, ABC intervention, CBT, holistic therapies reflexology, personal trainers and more.


We are also trying to expand our audience to Asia and Africa so we would appreciate applications from professionals living in those time zones.

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